The Importance Of Facebook Likes, Shares And Comments

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Business Promotion On Facebook

Facebook is the most popular and largest social network. As such, Facebook has a very good potential for additional promotion of your local or online business. Today, every serious company is advertising daily on Facebook. Facebook fan page is a source,  which inform interested about news and new products or services. In nowadays people are using exclusively for business, while the profiles are intended to be used only for personal purposes.

There is free and advertisement you pay. Paid advertisement is using to get new Facebook Fans and Interactions on posts that you are publishing on your Facebook Page. This type of advertising is targeting at age group, location, interest profession, etc. That can be extremely useful because, in that way, you strike at the core of your target group. On the other hand, this type of advertising can be very expensive, you can be even at a loss, if you don’t have experience in Facebook Marketing.

The Importance Of Facebook Likes, Shares And Comments

Facebook has its own algorithm, which is in charge of providing users with content that is most interesting to them. With that kind of help, users retain as long as possible. The more interactions you have on your post, Facebook’s algorithm recognizes your publication as an interesting and users can see your post as a recommended on the news feed. For example, if you watch  videos, more videos will appear. If you spend your time looking at published photos, more and more published photos are going to appear at your news feed, etc. The more interaction you have in your  publication, it is more likely that the post is going to be visible to others.

In many cases organic advertising has better results than paid over Facebook ads. Facebook Likes, Shares and Comments are important, because the more you have, your announcement is going to be seen by more people on news feed. Interaction of your post is going to be seen by friends of your friends, their every visitor profile and followers. In this way you get more new Facebook Followers, friends and Interactions on your posts. This is the effect that you need to make your profile (fan page) grow in popularity more and more. I hope you at least understand a little of how Facebook works and you realize the importance and the point of interaction.

Where And How To Buy Facebook Likes, Shares, Comments, Followers ?

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